This is a official policy here at Computing World Wiki. Anyone using this wiki must follow it.

This policy covers things about editing pages.

Page Protection

If much vandalism happens on a page, it may be protected. It may be either move protected or edit protected. Here are the 3 levels of protection:

Everyone: Anyone can edit or move the page. This is default on pages.

Users and administrators: Only Users and admins can edit the page. No IP addresses or New Users(users that are not at least 4 days old) can edit or move the page.

Administrators only: Only admin can edit or move the page.


If you vandalize a page, here is what is likely to happen:

The edit will be undid.

The page may be protected.

1 will be added to your vandalism counter. For big vandalism, 2. If the counter reaches 3, your user will be blocked.

If you keep on recreating a page that should not be made, you will be blocked from making it.